Reading Partners of Tulsa

How do you prevent crime from happening in Tulsa County? One child at a time.

At my staff meeting on Friday we hosted Brenna Peterson from Reading Partners of Tulsa. This organization coordinates volunteers who wish to spend an hour (or more) each week helping 1st through 3rd graders learn how to read. I encourage my staff to seek out different ways in our community where we can make a difference - and the Reading Partners program is definitely one of them.

There are other ways to help if time is not an option. We are having a book donation challenge at the office in honor of former First Lady Barbara Bush - who was passionate about the importance of literacy. So, in the next two weeks we are trying to donate 92 children’s books to Reading Partners. Mrs. Bush died at the age of 92, and so we thought it was only fitting to try to meet and exceed that number.

Pictured with Ms. Peterson and I, is Assistant District Attorney Nolan Fields. He has been a Reading Partner for the past four years. If you would like to donate a First - Third grade level book, swing on by the office. We’d love to see you (and break our target number) 🙂.

If you want to learn more about Reading Partners, contact Ms. Peterson at