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Bever Family Quintuple Murder

Kunzweiler prosecuted brothers Robert and Michael Bever in the July 2015 stabbing deaths of their mother and father and three younger siblings and the stabbing of a sister who survived the attack. Robert Bever pleaded guilty and received five sentences of Life Without Parole in the murders. Michael Bever was tried and convicted by a jury that recommended received 5 Life Sentences. 

Fairmont Terrace Quadruple Murder
In 2016, Kunzweiler prosecuted brothers James Poore and Cedric Poore for the murders of four women at a south Tulsa apartment complex.Twin sisters, Rebeika Powell and Kayetie Powell Melchor, 23, Misty Nunley, 33, and Julie Jackson, 55 were all found Jan. 7, 2013, bound and tied, robbed and shot in the head in Powell’s apartment. Both brothers were convicted by separate juries and sentenced to four consecutive prison terms of Life Without Parole.

Domestic Violence Murder
Ashley Brizendine was strangled to death by boyfriend Brian Harris in July 2013.
Kunzweiler prosecuted Harris and a jury sentenced him to Life in prison.

Home Invasion Murder
Joshua Mooney broke into a Jenks home in December 2012 and shot Mary Robinson Escue to death. Kunzweiler prosecuted and Mooney pleaded guilty to murder in exchange for a life sentence.

Manslaughter While Driving Under Influence
Jack O’Donnell was tried and convicted in the 2014 crash that killed 8-year-old Katelyn Chambers, injured her brother and left her father with a Traumatic Brain Injury. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Owasso Triple Homicide
Steve and Assistant DA Mickey Hawkins secured the death penalty in a murder trial for  Clarence Goode in a 2005 home invasion. Ten-year-old Kayla Burchett, her mother Tara Burchett and Tara’s husband Mitch Thompson were shot to death. Co-defendant Kenneth Johnson received three consecutive sentences of Life without Parole.

Sperry Double Homicide
Mike Reeder and David Lujan were found shot to death and their bodies burned in Reeder’s Sperry home in 2008. Steve successfully prosecuted Travis Danley for the murders. The jury sentenced Danley to two consecutive prison terms of Life without Parole.

High School Senior Shot to Death
Kaitlyn Finnegan, a Bishop Kelley high school senior was shot to death in April 2009 by Theo Fleming while she was visiting friends in a mid-town Tulsa home. Fleming initially denied shooting Kaitlyn, but later claimed the shooting was accidental. Steve and Assistant DA Ben Fu successfully prosecuted Fleming at trial and the jury sentenced Fleming to 30 Years in prison.

Home Invasion Homicide
Guy Jones was in his Tulsa home with his infant son in 2009 when he was confronted by four intruders hired by Carmille Sulvetta to attack and rob him. Jones was beaten and stabbed to death.  Steve and Assistant DA Ben Fu successfully prosecuted a total of six defendants and a secured two consecutive Life in prison sentences against Sulvetta for masterminding of the plot.

Sexual and Physical Child Abuse
Jermaine Burkhalter physically and sexually abused a girl in his care for five years - from the age of 13 to 18. Steve successfully prosecuted Burkhalter, obtaining three consecutive Life sentences for the sexual abuse counts and a total of 80 Years in prison for the physical abuse counts.

DUI Manslaughter
In October 2009 Tulsa physician Dr. David Browning was killed in a head-on collision with Scott Lewallen, who was driving while intoxicated by methamphetamine.  Lewallen had a long history of driving under the influence. Steve successfully prosecuted Lewallen, obtaining a sentence of life in the penitentiary.

QuikTrip Double Homicide
On August 30, 2011 Kaylyn Kosofsky and Patrick Shawn were gunned down in a church parking lot adjacent to the QuikTrip at 71st Street and Riverside in Tulsa. After an extensive investigation Zane Atchison was identified as the shooter who was hired by Joel Pina to kill Patrick Shawn.  DNA evidence connected Atchison to the scene of the crime. Steve and First Assistant Doug Drummond successfully prosecuted Atchison and Pina, securing two consecutive prison terms of Life without Parole for  Atchison, and a Life sentence for Pina.

3rd Grade Teacher Victim of Drunk Driver
Susan Mamary, a teacher at Marquette Catholic School was driving near her Tulsa home in 2012 when her car was struck by a vehicle driven by Marquitta Littlebear.  The impact killed Ms. Mamary. Littlebear fled the scene, leaving two injured children in her car. She was located one and one-half hours later. Laboratory testing determined that Littlebear had alcohol, marijuana and cocaine in her system. Steve secured a guilty verdict with sentences totaling 61 Years in prison.

Drug Induced Rape
Steve successfully prosecuted Gary Lee Tiger for the 1994 rape and sodomy of a victim which who was given a “date rape” drug. The jury gave Tiger a total of 35 Years in prison.

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