Downtown Tulsa Rotary Club

Yesterday I was the invited guest of John O’Connor to the Downtown Rotary Club of Tulsa. It was indeed a privilege to attend and talk with so many fine business leaders in our community.

If you ever get the chance to shake hands with someone who shook hands with President Ronald Reagan - take it. Mrs. Peggy Grande spoke with us about her 10 years of service to President Reagan as his personal secretary after he left office. It was an extraordinary inside look at everything you and I saw from the outside. She described President Reagan in such endearing terms that I found myself wishing he was with us again - to continue to inspire us about how great of a country we live in. 

Mrs. Grande authored a book entitled “The President Will See You Now”, and based upon the excerpts she read to us, it is a book that will be hard to put down. Thanks Downtown Rotary!