Criminal Justice Reform Video Series

District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler on Justice Reform

You put your trust in me and elected me to serve as Tulsa county DA because I promised to work hard every day to put violent criminals behind bars and serve with honesty and integrity.  As I ask you now to vote for my re-election and allow me to complete the work I began, look at my record.  It proves I have kept that promise. 

                                   - Steve Kunzweiler, Tulsa County DA

4 Part Video Series on Criminal Justice in Tulsa County | 2018
Part 1     Honesty & Integrity
Part 2     Tulsa County Pioneering Justice Reform  
Part 3     Violent Criminals Deserve Prison
Part 4      Public Safety Comes First

Tulsa County Prison Receptions 2017
Tulsa County Alternative Courts 2017